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LDX 2101 Duplex Stainless Steel Piping Material is primarily used in heat exchangers, piping and in chemical process vessels. UNS S32101 Duplex Stainless Steel Material can also be used in general purpose applications. 2101 Duplex Stainless Steel Products include storage tanks and water heater tanks, pulp and paper mill equipment.

LDX 2101 Natural Gas Piping Material is a general purpose lean duplex grade stainless steel with a low alloy composition. LDX 2101 Duplex Stainless Steel piping products also pose high mechanical strength like other grades of duplex steel. The reduction of nickel and the addition of manganese in the LDX 2101 Stainless Steel Piping Material make it balance between the ferritic and austenitic phases of steel. Thus LDX Stainless Steel 2101 Products exhibit better qualities of both types of material.

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LDX 2101 Lean Duplex

LDX 2101 Lean Duplex
Duplex LDX 2101 UNS S32101

Duplex LDX 2101 UNS S32101
LDX 2101 Material

LDX 2101 Material

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What is LDX 2101?

Duplex LDX 2101 UNS S32101 raw material consists of 21.5% chromium, 5% manganese, 1.5% nickel and 0.45% of molybdenum. The composition allows this material to have superior strength and better chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance compared to other types of ordinary steel. LDX 2101 Lean Duplex Material is also a low nickel and nitrogen enhanced stainless steel. The austenitic and ferritic is balanced to be kept in equilibrium. The composition also makes it resistant against localized and uniform corrosion. The microstructure ensures protection against chloride corrosion which makes it best suit for marine applications. UNS S32101 Alloy LDX 2101 raw material composition also makes it very much abrasion resistant and erosion resistance under harsh conditions. This allows the material to be used in standard practices to reshape, modify and weld with other metal components without much wear and tear.

LDX 2101 Steel Piping Material is widely used as external absorber and outlet duct reinforcements in air pollution control systems. It is used in the biodiesel tanks and ethanol plants. Also it has various applications in the food and beverages industry, water treatment, seawater desalination, pulp and paper industry and construction industries.

LDX 2101 material price per kg

Grade 2101 Steel Price in UAE Dirham 2101 Stainless Steel Price per kg in USD
LDX 2101 Stainless Steel Price per kg 13.22-18.51 UAE Dirham $ 3.60-5.04

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Duplex LDX 2101 UNS S32101 specification

1.4162 LDX 2101 Lean Duplex

LDX 2101 Stainless Steel Trade name

LDX 2101®, Lean Duplex, SS 2101 Steel, LDX 2101 Steel


1.4162 is a LEAN-DUPLEX chromium stainless steel with additional manganese, nickel, molybdenum and copper.

UNS S32101 Stainless Steel Application

Chemical, oil and gas, pulp and cellulose industry

Special properties

UNS S32101 Duplex Stainless Steel have very good corrosion resistance. Good mechanical characteristics. Good endurance strength. Good weldability.

Suitable welding
filler materials


UNS S32101 Pren

UNS S32101 Pren: 27

LDX 2101 UNS S32101 Equivalent

Material No. EN Designation UNS
1.4162 X2CrMnNiN22-5-2 S32101
  • Lean Duplex Stainless steel 2101
  • Lean Duplex UNS S32101
  • LDX 2101
  • Lean Duplex 2101
  • UNS S32101
  • EN 1.4162
  • Alloy 1.4162

LDX 2101 Mechanical Properties

Minimum values
(.625" Plate)
Typical values
(.625" Plate)
LDX 2101 Yield Strength 0.2% Offset ksi 65 69
Elongation % 30 38
2101 Lean Duplex Stainless Steel Tensile Strength ksi 94 101
LDX 2101 Steel Hardness (Brinell) HB 290 (max) 225

Alloy LDX 2101 Physical Properties

Temperature, °F
68 200 400 600
LDX 2101 Duplex Density lb/in3 0.28
Linear Expansion x 10-6 in/in/°F - 7.2 7.5 7.5
Thermal Conductivity Btu/ft/h °F 8.7 9.3 9.8 10.4
Thermal Capacity J/kg °F 500 530 560 590
Modules of Elasticity x 10sup>6 psi 29 28 27 26
Poissons Ratio 0.3
Electric Resistivity micro-ohms•meter 0.80 0.85 0.90 1.00

Lean Duplex 2101 Chemical Composition

Lean Duplex 2101 Typical Values (Weight %)

Chromium 21.0 min. - 22.0 max. Nickel 1.35 min. - 1.70 max.
Manganese 4.00 min. - 6.00 max. Molybdenum 0.10 min. - 0.80 max.
Nitrogen 0.20 min. - 0.25 max. Chromium 0.040 max.
Iron Balance*
Silicon 1.00 max. Phosphorus 0.040 max.
Copper 0.10 min. - 0.80 max. Nitrogen 0.030 max.

* Alloy predominates remaining composition. Other elements may be present only in minimal quantities.

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